There are many ways you can partner with the work and ministry of ESA. You could volunteer and lead on any of our camps, partner with ESA through praying or partner financially partner with the work and ministry of ESA through donations.

Prayer Partners

Prayer is incredibly powerful and vital in the ministry. Each of our pastoral workers are ministering in a multitude of ways in many different setting. To receive ESA prayer updates please contact us so we can put you on the appropriate mailing list. Each of our pastoral workers also has a prayer & support card outline how they are ministering in their area and how you can uplift them specifically in prayer. Scroll through and click on the mission profiles of our staff to see how you can stand in prayer with them.

Financial Partners

As ESA is a faith mission, much of the work we do and the wages and costs of our pastoral workers relies heavily on the generosity of our financial partners to continue the work and ministry of ESA. Almost all of the activities of ESA cost, and camps are run with very small margins to keep each camp as affordable as possible. This is where you can help! You could partner by directly supporting one of our pastoral workers, by contributing to a partnership committee, providing sponsorships for those who find it difficult to attend camps due to finances or simply donate to ESA to allow your support to go to the greatest need. 
ESA has tax deductibility for much of our work and as such, your financial partnership can be tax deductible for gifts over $2. To receive a Tax Receipt, make sure you provide your correct postal address.

Online giving
Donate securely online through PayPal

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Over the phone
Contact the ESA office to donate directly

Click here for details

Direct Deposit
Direct deposit into the appropriate account

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Partnership form
Send completed form into the ESA office

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Business Partners

ESA would like to acknowledge and thank these businesses who support ESA, our workers and all that we do. We use each of these businesses, so we can recommend them to you with confidence. Please show your support to these businesses where and when you are able to and let them know you have seen their business with ESA!


If you would like your business please contact us to talk further, we would love your support!

Action4WD is our GOLD partner for all our 4WD camps, ESA vehicles and supply of 4WD equipment

Check them out here!

One Bold Sheep
For all your website needs get in contact with Hamish, we did!

Check them out here!

FRP Printing
FRP print In Step, business cards, brochures and most other ESA communications

Check them out here!

For all your insurance needs, we use and recommend GJIC

Check them out here!

Signs Plus
For all your signs and promotional materials

Check them out here!