Aviation Camp : 30th September – 4th October

Are you interested in Aviation and Christian Mission? You’re invited to Bendigo for a week of learning and experiencing aviation from a Christian perspective.

This year for the first time ever, ESA is piloting an Aviation Camp (pun intended). There is an incredible need for Christian pilots and engineers to serve as missionaries to ensure that the gospel stretches to the hard-to-reach places around the world.

Aviation Camp will be held at Bendigo Baptist Church, where campers will eat and sleep. All meals will be provided but campers must bring their own sleeping bag, pillow and mattress. Included in the program is teaching from experienced pilots, missionaries and great communicators who will teach about missionary work and aviation. There's a flight sim The camp includes a day at Bendigo airfield with training that includes a 30 minute flight with an instructor.

For those who need transport to Bendigo, there will be a group of people meeting at Southern Cross Station at 10am on Monday 30th to catch the train together. On the last day, the camp will finish at 10am and there will be a group of people heading back to Southern Cross.

ESA is partnering with a number of organisations including Avserve, Wycliffe, MAF, Samaritan Aviation and JAARS.

The camp will also involve learning about the physics of flying and campers will receive teaching from a group of people who are passionate about missionary aviation ministry. The organising team is led by David Cummings who will share of his experience:

"When my wife and I first went to Papua New Guinea we walked for 3 days to reach the village we were going to minister to. After a number of years we were able to catch a helicopter which made the journey just 17 minutes."

There is a great need for a new generation of young people to commit to becoming missionary aviation pilots and engineers. ESA Aviation Camp is for those who feel they might have an interest in these ministries. This camp is for young people aged between 14 and 21.


Cost: $295
Date: Monday 30th September – Friday 4th October
Bendigo Baptist Church
757 McIvor Highway
Junortoun VIC 3550

More information:
David Molyneux at the ESA office at 03 9837 5225