ESA Leaders Retreat – September 14 – 15

Virtually that time that we spend together after all the campers are asleep, but for a weekend.

Is there anything more friendship cultivating than acting like a wacko with a whole bunch of campers that think you're untouchable? This year ESA is providing leaders the opportunity to go on a little camp of our own!

Come to our Leaders Retreat to catch up with old mates and to refine those leadership skillzzzz. Amongst the hangs, we'll be discussing things like, how to best keep campers safe and what future ESA camps could look like. If you're interested in becoming a director there are particular traning sessions for you too!

There's a small cost of the retreat which includes all of your meals from Saturday lunch until Sunday lunch, accom + a special surprise on the Saturday night weoowww. We're thinking perhaps a dessert crawl or a bean bag movie night but we'll keep you posted.

Located at the CYC city campus, we'll be staying in dorms of six. If you're coming with your partner, let us know so that we can see if we can arrange a private room.

If you're wanting to come for just a part of the retreat, flick us an email/give us a call 🙂


Cost: $40
Date: Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th September 2019
Location: City CYC - 538 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000