In the past year ESA has had over 826 attend our camps, we have over 240 volunteer workers and have run 23 camps.  
All this work plus the hard work of our staff and volunteers engaging with over 524 local communities every day of the year!

Camp Attendees
Volunteer Workers
ESA Camps
Communities engaged by ESA Staff and Volunteers

ESA’s 2020 camps are coming!

There's heaps of amazing, fun, engaging, life-changing camps coming in 2020. Check these out, and register today!

We publish our InStep magazine three times a year with news about upcoming and past camps, our various activities, and ways to support our work.
Download the latest edition (Autumn 2020) here (PDF ~3.5mb).
Previous editions: Autumn 2017Winter 2017 • Summer 2017-18 • Autumn 2018 • Winter 2018 • Summer 2018-19 • Autumn 2019 • Winter 2019 • Summer 2019-20